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          My husband just bought me a bread machine for my birthday.
          Funny caveat here before I get to my question, I have been
          hinting that I would want one for quite some time.  So, my
          husband brings out this little box on my birthday, like you
          put earrings in, and gives it to me.  All the while I am
          thinking "Jewelry?  ok, look happy, even though you wanted
          the bread machine"  So, I open it up and there is a little
          piece of paper inside that says "Bread machine is in the big
          box in the pantry!" I was so happy, I was jumping up and
          down, and my husband was laughing because he thinks I am the
          only girl who would ever want a kitchen appliance more than
          jewelry, but I am sure I could introduce him to a number of
          you who feel the same!

          So, I know we had this string before, so e-mail me privately
          if this gets too repetitive, but now I'd really LOVE all
          those bread machine recipies that you were all speaking
          about.  He did get me a cookbook, too, but all of the
          recipies call for fat and I haven't used a bread machine
          before so I don't know how to compensate.  For example, I
          know I can replace the fat with prunes or apple sauce for
          sweet breads, but there is a curry bread that I want to try
          so I need a fat replacer that is not sweet.  Ideas?

          Also, my bread maker makes jam.  Does anyone have experience
          with this function?  I'd like to try it, but any mistakes
          are going to result in a BIG sticky mess!

          Thanks!!! I am so excited!!!!!