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Kugles and Matzo balls etc.


I have had great luck with noodle kugel by just substituting egg beaters and
using yolk free noodles.  We like our kugel not so sweet so my secret is to
"fry" lots of diced onions and mix them in.  You can usually take any kugel
recipie and just leave out the oil.  But don't over bake or it will be very

I have also used egg beaters for Matzo balls with fairly good results.  They
tend to be a little too fluffy so I usually add extra matzo meal and don't
boil them to hard.  You can eliminate the oil but I usually add a touch
(1TBL) as we are following a low fat regimin rather than fat free.

If you are attempting vegan kugel or matzo balls I don't know how that could
be accomplished.  

Good luck,