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Re: Fruit Salad/Tofu Cake/"Trifle"

Hi Mike,

In your post about fruit salad you mentioned a "tofu cake":

>Fruit compote
>is very tasty when served over a cake made with whole wheat
>flour, tofu and applesauce. Make this cake intentionally
>rather dry (although tofu always makes cakes moist). The
>sauce will soak into the cake. 

I recently made a low fat "trifle" with a store bought fat free angel food
cake thickly sliced and lined in a large glass bowl.  Topped this with
several cups of berries (I used thawed sliced frozen strawberries and
raspberries without sugar -- after thawing they created a nice syrup that
soaked into the cake), added a little sherry (or try suitable flavored
liqueur) and then topped this with vanilla pudding made from a small package
and skim milk (or try soy milk).

I placed small dollops of a mixture of blackberry and strawberry jam on top
and swirled it through the pudding for a nice design. Refrigerated for
several hours. 

Would love to try your tofu cake recipe as the base for my trifle.  Could
you share it with us?

We love fruit salad/compote and one of our favorite combinations is fresh
bananas and fresh mangoes. A variety of melons balls mixed together is also

I freeze grapes as a warm weather snack -- don't thaw -- just pop the frozen
grapes in your mouth.  Teething babies and kids love these.

Any one have any cold fruit soup recipes?

Here's to summer!

Sandee Ritter in sunny San Antonio