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fat content in gnocchi

<<Bronwyn asked for a vlf gnocchi recipe.  All gnocchi are vlf, as they
are basically flour and potatoes.>>

To say that "all gnocchi are vlf" is incorrect.  If taken to heart, that
information could cause people to order gnocchi and not realize that most
recipes call for an egg added to a recipe similar to the one in the
above-quoted post (which looks good, btw!) and, much more serious, that
many gnocchi recipes call for any or all of the following dairy products:
eggs, milk, butter, parmesan, ricotta, marcapone (that's from just 3
cookbooks so far).  Some gnocchi, such as those made with flour and
potatoes, are vlf ... an egg changes that a bit, of course.  There are just
too many variations on gnocchi to make a general statement about their fat
content to the readers of this particular list.

Ohhhh ..  but how I *wish* the statement were true!!!!!  ;-)