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I love my VitaMix

<<  Hi All,
This is for the Tenny's, I personally wasted my money. The vita-mix is not
worth your good money. If you have any particular questions I'd be
more than happy to answer them. E-mail me.>>

I disagree about the implied quality and value of the machine.  I also
think that to disparage a product publicly without specific reason is
unfair.  It's fine to say that, for you personally, the machine was not
worth your good money - your opinion is definitely valid and valuable -
but an opinion doesn't make it a truthful statement.  Please let's all at
least think about being more considerate about how we treat the hard work
of others.

I have been far beyond pleased with 2 products from VitaMix (I've had a
VitaMix for 17 years - which does EVERYthing they say it will and mine is
old - and their dehydrator, with TWENTY trays, for 4 years).  Their
customer service is old-fashioned, human, caring contact and I take umbrage
at the unsubstantiated trashing of their product.  No one product is right
for everyone but that doesn't mean it's not worth it for anyone.

<<I totally disagree. I own a Vita-mix (with the dry grains container) and
I love it, it was worth every penny.>>.. <<Though its
not fat free, it makes excellent ice cream (vegan and probably non-vegan
as well). You can also make delicious sorbets.>>

I make FF ice cream by freezing nonfat milk for the cubes and using skim
evaporated milk instead of cream .. flavoring it however you want in the
normal way according to the instructions.  It's "ice milk," I guess .. but
it makes me happy to see it in the freezer and scoop some into the blender
for a shake, smoothie, etc.

I sent several paragraphs about the V-M 2 days ago and it never showed up.
I'm sending it privately to the one who inquired about it ... please e-mail
me if that didn't show up, either, at:  music_class@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx