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fruit salad


I absolutely love fruit salad.  The best sort is with fresh fruit rather than
canned.  Big chunks of fresh pineapple, seedless grapes (or cut the big ones in
half and seed them), half apricots, peach/apple/nectarine/pear/anything pieces.
 Sometimes its good to throw a can of something in just for the juice or drain
the juice into the fruit salad and keep the canned pineapple or whatever for
something else.  You can put in ANY fruit, although cherries might turn
everything red.  Melon (rockmelon, honeydew, watermelon) all look great too. 
Don't chop the stuff up too small.  Looks nice garnished with some fresh mint. 
And tastes great served with some low fat yoghurt sweetened with maple syrup or
sugar and vanilla.

Have a great time