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Re: Fruit salad

Michael M. Rosenblatt <podtrst@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Subject: Fruit salad
> [...]
> Also, use ONLY fresh fruit. Mixing it with canned fruit
> does not make it taste good, in my opinion. Cut the membranes
> of the citrus fruits away and don't include them in the 
> compote (or compost...whatever). They add a bitter taste
> which I don't like.

Well, I'm no expert on fruit salad, but I got a real chuckle out of
Michael's note here!  My grandmother always had her own little vocabulary
for things that wasn't necessarily shared by the rest of the planet (she
used to call the plant Sweet Alyssum "Sweet Asylum", for instance).  She
was always calling her fruit salads "fruit compost".  One day she got
tired of everyone trying to tell her it was actually a "compote", so she
asked me "What is compost?  Isn't it when you throw a bunch of things
together, and it all melds together and makes something better than the
original?  Well, this is Fruit Compost."

We haven't any of us called it 'compote' since then... :)

My recollection of my grandmother's "compost" was that she used to just
cut up a bunch of fruit, throw it in a bowl, and let it sit for the
afternoon (sometimes in the refrigerator, sometimes just out on the
counter).  The juicier fruits would give off their juices, and the rest of
the fruits would sort of stew in them.

It was always good!


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