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Coffee Creamer

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I have found fat free powdered creamer in the grocery store, I believe it
was Coffeemate.  I also LOVE the refrigerated fat-free flavored creamers (am
having a hazelnut-cinnamon coffe now) but they are loaded with sugar and
assorted other chemicals.  I had good luck using powdered non-fat milk,
especially if I use the hand blender and mix it with water to half & half
consistency & kept it in a little jar in the fridge.  Hope this helps.


PS If you think other people would care about this, you could forward it to
the list.  I would have just posted it there, but I lost the instructions!

>Hi all
>   Does anybody have good fatfree substitutes for coffee creamer. I love
>coffee...but hate it with 1% milk. Before my heart attack  I used to