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Re: I'm not sure what I bought!

Jenny Wilton wrote:

> At the grocery store yesterday, I came across a vegetable (I'm
> pretty sure it's a small squash) that looked interesting, so I
> bought a few.  Now I'm not sure what they are or what to do with
> them.  They are round and kind of flat, 3-4 inches in diameter,
> about 2 inshes tall, sort of pale green, and have scalloped edges
> around the top, and are smaller around the bottom than around the
> top.  Does anyone know what this is or have any suggestions on how
> to prepare it?

Jenny, I would guess it is what we in south Africa call a patty pan squash.

It's absolutely delicious steamed (or boiled) until soft. cut it open,
add a dab of margarine (if allowed), salt and pepper and enjoy!

We also like them this way:
Quantities to suit the number you are serving.

Slice in raw patty pans in  half across the length and place in an
oven-proof or microwave dish. You can add several layers. Sprinkle
each layer lightly with whatever seasoning suits your fancy (salt,
pepper, rosemary, basil etc etc.).  sprinkle crushed garlic to taste.
Pour over the layers just enough stock (vegetable or whatever) to come
about 1/2 inch or 1cm up the dish. Top with a carton of ff or lf
cottage cheese if desired.

Cover and pop into the oven (or microwave) until the patty pans are

These little guys are very versatile and can be added to virtually any

Great wrapped in foil and done on the braai (barbeque for you northern 
hemisphere types) or baked in the oven.

Super with chopped onion and mushrooms. 
I could go on for ever!

Frances Watts
for CompuQuest & Net!Heads
UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise