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FAQs Info

Some of the best (and least-used) resources on the Internet are the Net's
"Frequently Asked Questions" (or "FAQ") files.  If you are looking for
answers to questions ranging from "what is the fastest NASCAR
superspeedway" to "where can I find information about embedded processors
and enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2," chances are there is a FAQ file somewhere
on the Internet that answers your question.

The problem is finding the FAQ file.

Enter the FAQ Finder.  The FAQ Finder can be found on the Web at


and it has links to 1,800 FAQ files around the world.  Best of all, the FAQ
finder has sorted these FAQ files into 28 browsable categories:

     Animals       Health           Politics & Law
     Art           Hobby            Programming
     Audio         Internet         Religion
     Comedy        Lifestyles       Science
     Computers     Literature       Social Science
     Countries     Movies           Software
     Education     Music            Sports
     Food          People           Technology
     Games         Prsnl Finance    TV Shows

     ... and, of course, Video

In short, if you have a question that you think might have been asked
before, chances are that the FAQ Finder will be able to give you a link to
a site where you can find the answer to your question.

Browsing through the FAQ Finder's categories is pretty easy.  If you click
on a category, the FAQ Finder will display all of the FAQ links that it
feels belong in that category.  And with 1,800 FAQ links, the FAQ Finder
opens the door to one heck of a lot of information!

Who would have guessed that FAQ browsing could be so much fun?

 From today's TOURBUS, by Patrick Douglas

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