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Re: San Francisco

Debbie Vyskocil <debbie@xxxxxxxxxx> asks about San Francisco restaurants
for lowfat/fatfree veggie dining.  When I was out there in November, I
went to a place called Millenium (I don't remember the address, but you
can probably call them).  The chef at Millenium has studied with Dr.
McDougall, and does quite low fat vegetarian cooking.  And it's delicious!
I could barely move when I left the place, I was so full!  They change
their menu every few months, so I can't give you any recommendations, but
I don't think you can go too far wrong if you go there.

Greens restaurant is also vegetarian, but I've heard reports that they're
far from low-fat...

If you don't mind doing a bit of traveling, the White Lotus in San Jose is
a mostly-vegan Vietnamese restaurant.  Excellent food.  Maybe a tad bit
high in fat, but not as bad as many I've been to...


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