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Losing Weight

<<I hope someone may be able to help.  Andrew and I have been on a low fat
vegan diet since last October.  Mainly for health reasons, but we are now
"converts".  Things were fine last year, but this year he's started to lose
weight.  We thought that his weight would plateau, but at 6'4" and 150
pounds, he's pretty thin. (I mean his ribs are poking out).  Maybe its
because he's cut out coffee and alcohol recently, he used to drink a bottle
of beer after work.>>

I am not an expert by any means, but have had a similar problem, but to a far
lesser extent.  You do not indicate what the rest of your diet is like, as well as
an exercise component.    Are you sure Andrew is eating enough?  For
example, the Canada Food Guide suggests bread/starch servings of 6 to 12
portions per day.  That is a pretty big range.  Now, while I was trying to lose
some left over pregnancy weight (ended up with an extra 15 lb. loss to boot too!)
I stuck to the lower limit. Now I am happy with my body (well, as happy as any
normal woman could ever be, I suppose), I found I was still loosing weight. 
What I have done is increased the number of carb servings (and everything else)
and increased my weight training to try to build more muscle and maintain. 
There is also the possibility of a medical condition.  Over active thyroid? 
Happened to a friend of mine.  She kept getting thinner and thinner and once
she saw a dr. and got medication, she was fine and has stabilized.  Anyway, I
think if this problem is persisting, and there seems to be no reasonable
explanation for it (ie. under-eating), then perhaps you should consult a dr.

Sandra (skidd@xxxxxxxxxxx)
in Toronto