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good restaurant in Bethesda

To the person who was looking for a restaurant in Bethesda, MD:  you might
want to check out The Mongolian Grill.  It is basically a stir fry place
where you take a bowl, put whatever it is you want to stirfry--veggies
galore but also rice, noodles, meats, fish etc--and you can top with a sauce
if you like (there are lots of varieties of sauces some of which must be ff
or vlf).  You give it to the grill guy and his quickly whips it up on the
grill.  (I didn't see him add any oil but you might want to ask just in
case).  It is all you can eat for about $10 at lunch and $14 for dinner.  I
had a great veggie/rice noodle stirfry with no hassle.  It is located on
Wisconsin Ave. which is in the heart of Bethesda.  We went there last night
and loved it.  Hope you enjoy.  Liz