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Philadelphia restaurants

For the reader who is going to be in Philly and looking for good eats:

In Center City proper, I heartily recommend Cherry Street Chinese 
Vegetarian - on Cherry Street between 10th and 11th - seconds from the 
Convention Center.  

They're a kosher vegetarian (Chinese) restaurant with a "Pritikin heart 
healthy" menu available, food prepared without oil.  (Of course they 
have lots of non-vlf foods as well.)  Good food and they're nice people.

There are several other veggie restaurants in Chinatown (Harmony (on 9th 
Street) is one with terrific food, but I don't know about the vlf 
options.  There's another very new, untried by me, veggie dim sum place, 
that I'll find the name of, if you're interested, and e-mail me.

And, to my shame, I've yet to try Samosa on 12th and Walnut, an Indian 
vegetarian restaurant - so I have no idea as to vlf-ness.

There's a new Whole Foods/Fresh Fields in the Fairmount/Art Museum Area 
(forget the exact address, sorry - near 21st and Pennsylvania) for 
supplies, as well as a smaller hfs and cafe called Essene on 4th Street a 
block or two south of South Street (can't vouch for the vlf-ness of the 

Enjoy your trip!  Feel free to e-mail me with questions.

*longtime lurker*