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Eggless Egg Salad-An Improvement?

Thanks to Sylvia Genders LeReverend for posting an excellent Mock
Egg Salad, made with tofu.

I tried it and found the consistency to be a bit too "wet" despite
that I used a firm tofu.  The second batch I made, I crumbled the
tofu, put it in a paper towell lined colander,over a bowl, and let it sit 
over night, ala yogurt cheese.  The paper towells were soaked the next 
and the tofu of a much eggier texture.  This really did improve the
salad, and made it much more egg like.  I doubled Sylvia's recipe, using
a pound of tofu at a time.

I can see where this method would be useful in many applications of
tofu, where you want a dryer, more stabile product. 

This list is a real pleasure to me and I enjoy everyone's recipes (even
if I don't use them) and ideas.

All the best,

Jo in Minnesota