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Re: spices

Hi Bridget,
First of all, what is a sugar glider? Now, about the "average" spice 
cabinet.  I use LOTS of herbs & spices, but for goodness sakes don't buy 
them in a big bottle from the supermarket! Except for something you use 
all the time, you will have a big collection of expensive stale bottles. 
Pick the containers of your choice (I use little stoppered bottles) and 
then buy in small quantities from a bulk bin-- either in your market or 
at a health food store. And grow your own basils and parsleys in 
season--nothing like them for fresh!  At the end of the season I freeze 
chopped basil w/ just a little water into ice cubes, then keep the cubes 
in a zippie bag. MMMMM.

Let's see, some I use a lot:
Fennel seed (it adds the "Italian" to Italian seasoning)
Bay leaves (grow a pretty topiary, keep it inside all year)
Cumin (buy seed, crush as needed)
I try  to buy whole when possible-- get a good mortar & pestle!

Hope this helps.

Cynthia Barnes      cbarnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx