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McDougal and Bread

This topic comes up every time anyone mentions that they're losing weight 
with McDougal and need to cut down on bread. Someone always cries out 
that bread's a great food - why doesn't McDougal like it? Sigh. I guess 
that's the only problem with a list like this - the same topics come up 
over and over because people come and go. Okay, I'm done with my little 

McDougal doesn't hate bread, and he has many recipes and such for bread 
things. The only time he says don't eat bread is in his Maximum Weight 
Loss Plan. On this plan, you only eat WHOLE grains. Nothing ground or 
processed. That means no flour. That means no bread, pasta, etc. The 
reason is that whole grains take your body longer to break down and 
digest. You get a more even blood sugar level and stay full longer.

Julie in San Jose
who needs to get back on the McDougal plan to lose that post-pregnancy