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re: sultantas, epazote and chipotle

Sue Majewski asked about australian terms for chipotle and epazote and
Theresa Gilman and Judy Gibson asked about sultanas.

As an Australian living in the US, I hope I can shed some light. In
Australia, what we call sultanas, americans call raisins....thought sultanas
are slightly bigger and plumper..but the two ingredients are interchangable.

Re: epazote and chipotle. I had never heard of either of these two Mexican
ingredients in Australia - let alone used them. I don't think there is Aussie
equivalents...epazote is a Mexican herb used to reduce gassiness in
beans...and chipotle (pronounced chip-pot-lay) is a type of chilli pepper.  I
learnt about both in a great low fat vegetarian cooking course I did in Sante
Fe. hope this helps.
an aussie in LA...