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dinners with omnivores

Hi... some longtime readers may remember that my husband is a
confirmed SAD omnivore.   Recently, he's decided that he will try
to eat healthier and lower fat at home.... good news you'd say... 
However, I am having a hard time with our dinners since he no 
longer likes some of the meals I had worked out to be acceptable 
to us both.  An example is nachos, where I used NF soyakaas & 
baked chips, and he used regular cheese & regular chips. He now
realizesd how high fat his was, but he doesn't want to eat my VLF 
version either.

His basic premise is that he doesn't want to eat "fakes that don't
taste as good" (LF tofu is ok if it isn't overprocessed, i.e. no
tofu puddings but tofu stirfry is ok).  He isn't a big bean eater 
either (and our 6yo doesn't eat any beans except fresh soybeans).

So, a challenge for you all:

send me ideas on quick VLF dinners that will be acceptable to us both!

We already eat a LOT of pasta so I would prefer non pasta dishes.
He is a pretty discerning eater and good cook, so "meat like" dishes 
using things like TVP will be detected & rejected.  The best I've
done is using nonfat cottage cheese in a pasta casserole dish (but 
NF cottage cheese is pretty close to LF IMHO). I do have a pressure
cooker and crockpot.

To maybe give others in the same situation an idea, this was
dinner last night (sorry if this seems too simple):

Nasoya makes a line of fresh noodles that are great.  The Japanese
is really good, there is also chinese and spinach (I think the spinach
has egg whites in it but none has added oil).  I "steam" some fresh
shittake tops and leek bottoms (sliced on the diagnal and washed as 
needed) in some sake in a  nonstick pan.  If we have fresh spinach I 
steam some (just cook with a little water until bright green then 
squeeze out the water... use the water in the soup broth).  Slice some 
scallions.  Boil the noodles (I add some frozen fresh wakame to cook 
at the same time, if you have dried just reconstitute it separately)
and drain.

Serve noodles in big bowls with the various toppings (my husband last 
night had a hardboiled egg with his).  I also like a little teriyaki
seitan and spicy kimchii on top of mine.  Heat up some soup broth
(I confess to using a Japanese tsuyu mix that is not veg, but you 
can make one with kombu broth & soy sauce), and pour on the noodles 
just before serving.

Aiko Pinkoski