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more sandwich ideas

I've been reading with interest the sandwich ideas.  I, too, make a 
sandwich for my SAD husband every morning.  One of his all-time 
favorite veg sandwiches is nonfat ricotta and roasted red peppers
(I buy them in jars- packed in water, but they are so much better
if you make them yourself by charring a red pepper under the 
broiler and peeling off the skin).  I spinkle some hot pepper
flakes and basil on the filling, too.  He also likes a plain ole
midwestern tomato sandwich (nonfat mayo, lots of freshly
ground black pepper and thick tomato slices). Another great lunch
item are the Healthy Choice nonfat string cheese sticks with a 
few whole grain crackers. 
Other lunch hints:
I slice my homemade, cooled bread and freeze them in twos (wrapped
to plastic and then sealed in gallon ziplock bags).  I can grab a 
set out of the freezer, slap on the fillings, rewrap in plastic, and
by noon the sandwich is thawed and ready for lunch.  I also send
frozen corn in a little container (spiced up to taste with something 
like cajun seasoning).  The corn and frozen bread helps keep the
whole lunch cool in case there is no refrigerator handy. 
And of course a staple at our house are the nonfat Health Valley
granola bars I mentioned a few days ago. (to the person who asked
if they are vegan: some are, some aren't, you really have to look at
the ingred list.  I found some with eggwhites and/or honey)

Good Luck,
Pam D