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non-refrigerated sandwiches

Good day. I need some ideas for non-refrigerated sandwiches to be made
about 8 hours in advance of when they will be consumed. I'll be making
food for a theater company and these are for the last day of performance,
we strike the set about 5 pm and I have to make them in the morning. I MAY
have some ice available, last time I just put them on a large tray, covered
with plastic wrap and sat the whole plate on top of this enormous tub of

Last time was peanut butter/jelly, cream cheese on raisin bread and some
unmentionable sliced something, and sliced cheese. Can't use mayo, can
use mustard. This will be for mid April, not too hot. This group eats almost
anything. Can't do soup or salad, gotta be cheap and keep people moving, we
got lots of work to do.

Any suggestions would be welcomed. 

Thanks.  Susan Scatena