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Olive oil "healthy?"

So many myths, so few ways of dispelling them.

Olive oil is fat, pure fat, and nothing but fat.

Methinks that the bit about it being "healthy" for folks is based on the
same basic misunderstanding of foods as is the bit about fish and chicken
being okay because they're "lower in fat than red meat."  But they contain
just as much cholesterol!

Sure, olive oil contains FEWER of the "dangerous" fats than most other
vegetable fats, but FAT is FAT and THAT is THAT.

It sounds to me like old Ben Franklin knew what he was talking about when
he said that "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion

If fat is supposed to add so bloody much flavor to foods, then let 'em sit
down and eat a bowl of Crisco (yeeeech!).   Hey, it's all "flavor."

To moderate the above...

Didja hear about the rabbit who was arrested for stealing anesthetics?
He said that he wanted to be known as the ether bunny.