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Two subjects

Subject #1

TIA wrote asking about making her own tofu milk and other tofu
products at home. The very best information on that is obtained
from THE BOOK OF TOFU, by Shurtleff, which is available at many
healthfood stores. It covers nearly all methods of making tofu
at home, very inexpensively.

However, there is nothing in it about making low fat tofu.
We eat only the lowest fat tofu at home, because soybeans
are very high in fat. Also store bought low fat tofu is
still VERY cheap. I have found Mori-Nu on special for .99 cents (US)
for the 10oz package. There is no waste when you eat tofu, and
Mori-Nu doesn't even need to be refrigerated until it is opened.

Subject #2

Neal has a great idea about low fat in restaurants. Nearly all of
us have been lied to in restuarants. Neal tells the manager he
will throw up if there is any fat in the food. I think that's a
great idea, but some cooks don't think oil is fat!!! Figure that
out. I always say, no fat, no lard, no fried, no oil, no meat,
no fish, no meat broth, no fish broth, no oil, no oil, no oil. 
Sometimes gets through--but not always. 

Restaurant cooks are in a tremendous hurry. The oil comes out 
from their pores like breathing. It's a natural phenomenon for restaurant
cooks. My wife thinks that even Asian restaurants put oil in their
"no-oil" dishes, and checks them out by looking for a slimy gleam
on her plate, or rubbing for oil between her fingers. I tell them that
if I even think it has fat on it, it will go back and we won't pay 
for it. I know they hate people like us with a vengeance. 

I wish there were an "oil" detector that one could put in the food
to make a measurement. Believe it or not, there is a sodium detector
that does this! But sodium ions can be measured more easily I guess.

Mostly, I don't trust restaurants, with some rare exceptions. I've
said before that this tends to "isolate" us VLF people from our
friends, who eat SAD. I tend to make a scene at restaurants,
and I think it embarrasses some people. If you don't make a scene
you get garbage. Neal reports that you get garbage even when you
do. I do trust my daughter and son-in-law, who are extremely
knowledgeable and excellent non-fat cooks, but we don't live in the
same city (lucky for them). 

Maybe we need some new friends, who also eat VLF. But how can
you meet such people? Do any of you have any suggestions?

Mike Rosenblatt