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Don't let it "eat" you up.

Jane (97,38) asks, "If anyone reading this has any hints for gaining a
little perspective on this (read: getting over it), I'd appreciate hearing
about it.  I need all the help with strategies I
can get."

I think we've all "been there," Jane, and the coping strategy I use is to
remember that getting upset does two things: builds negative endorphins and
causes me to lose logical perspective.

When served fat when I have asked for NO fat, I simply leave, refusing to
pay for anything.  And if at a family or friend's place when I have
deliberately been served something they know I don't eat, I say "thanks for
having me over--I'm out of here."

Then I leave and if I'm really hungry, I eat a snack that I've got waiting
for me in my truck.

The fuss that it causes THEM (restaurant, friends . . . is THEIR problem,
not mine.  IF I ever go back, I can be virtually guaranteed that I'll not
be fed SADistic food.

What does one do, however, when one is hospitalized and has SADistic food
brought to them?  Pick up a phone, request to speak with an administrator
and tell them that they have exactly 10 minutes to present themselves in
your room or in exactly 11 minutes you will phone your attorney.

You have what are known as PATIENT'S RIGHTS.  Food prepared to your liking
is not a "privilege," it is a RIGHT, particularly at the rates you are
charged for your food.

On the other hand, remember that there was a time when we were all
SADomites and ate grease and animal parts too.  We used to think that
vegetarians (except for those who are life-long vegetarians) were weird.