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Ft. Lauderdale

To the person who is going to Florida:

I'm not much of a vegetarian expert, but there are a few really good
restaurants in the area.  One of them is in Davie, which is a bit south of
Ft. Lauderdale.  For the life of me, i can't remember the name--something
like "eating well," but not.  Anyway, it's on University Drive, south of
I595.  I'll have to go check my phone book for the other restaurants, but
there are really some superb ones in North Miami, if you're not opposed to
driving a bit.  Also, there are a GAZILLION Japanese restaurants here.  My
favorite is Japan Inn in Sunrise, also on University drive.  It can be
reached by driving on I95 (I'm not sure which direction you are
travelling, but it's north of I595 and south of Palm Beach. Take the
Sunrise Blvd. West exit and drive about 3-4 miles to University and make a
left.  Japan Inn is in the Denny's plaza, just to the right of a Holiday
Inn.  They have excellent vegetarian sushi and other meals.  Most
restaurants can do vegan/vegetarian fare if you ask and specify
specifically what you need.

			--Jana, in warm, sunny, Davie, FL.

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