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Spinach Pie

Here's a recipe from my archives that was posted to this list a few years ago
it may also be in the FF archives, but it is great. My very
gourmet-food-loving husband even thought it was good. I didn't save the name
of the person who originally posted the recipe, but here it is: 

Spinach Pie

2 pkgs/heads fresh spinach
8oz fresh mushrooms
1 large onion
5 egg whites
8 oz. Healthy Choice Fat Free grated cheddar
8 oz. Healthy Choice Fat Free grated mozzarella
1 t pepper
1 box Phyllo Dough

Clean spinach
Chop onion and saute in water
Slice mushrooms and add to onions; cook until all water evaps
Remove mushrooms and onions to bowl
Saute spinach in water tossing frequently until all liquid evaps
Mix mushrooms, onions and spinach thoroughly
Beat egg whites, add cheese and thoroughly mix
Thoroughly blend spinach mixture with egg mixture


Spray glass casserole pan with PAM
See Phyllo box for dough handling instructions; it dries out quick

Quickly layer 5-7 sheets of phyllo in pan, spraying PAM
between each sheet
Layer 1/2 of spinach mixture
Repeat 5-7 sheets of phyllo, spraying PAM between sheets
Layer remainder of spinach mixture
Layer about 10 sheets of phyllo, spraying PAM between sheets

* you will have used about 2/3 of the box of phyllo (approx.)

Cut top slightly through in rectangular pieces. Bake 400-425 for 30\'.
If you want crust to remain flaky, don't cover leftovers with plastic