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Kellie had a question about phyllo and the fat content, since she's 
making some for Easter.
Like the others who already answered, I use a cooking spray instead of 
butter between the sheets (or every other sheet).  This definitely 
reduces the fat, but cooking sprays aren't fatfree.  
Let's see--1 sec spray is about 1 gram of fat, so over the whole dish 
you're probably adding about 10 to 15 grams of fat, which isn't bad, 
depending on the serving size.

The other thing to remember about filo is to let it thaw completely 
(which takes several hours) before using it.  I made strudel last week, 
and forgot to thaw it, making my task much more difficult because it kept 
cracking into tiny pieces.  I've also heard that once you thaw the 
phyllo, you shouldn't refreeze it, so you should use up that whole box at 
once.  If your spanakopita isn't going to use it all, you could make 
strudel or something with the remaining dough.

Speaking of Easter, someone asked last week for suggestions, but there 
weren't many.  What are people making for dinner, if they celebrate 
Easter?  It seems difficult to come up with a satisfying, main-course 
veggie dish that is springy rather than wintry.  Any suggestions?

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Go TarHeels!!!!!