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It was gently and kindly pointed out to me that I said something the other
day that was insensitive towards people who are mentally challenged.  I
said "Now that I'm retarded...retired..."

It was pointed out to me that folks with relatives who are challenged in
that manner might be offended by my frivolous use of the word.

I agree wholeheartedly and humbly ask forgiveness for any who I may have
unintentionally offended.

Because of a massive stroke I live in a wheelchair and am "blessed" with
aphasia, aphonia, and myoclonic seizures.  I also have a "delightful"
disorder known as spasmodic dysphonia, which teams with my other speech
disorders to sometimes make me sound almost unintelligible.  As a result, I
am frequently mistaken for a person who is mentally challenged, especially
when my body is shaking out of control.

So I could have been more sensitive to those wonderful people who are
mentally challenged and their relatives/caregivers.

I view the FF group as part of my extended family and wouldn't hurt any of
you for the world.

Again, my apologies to any to whom I may have unintentionally hurt or
caused discomfort.