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Re: convenience/"emergency" food

>  AND, for real emergencies--haagen dasz chocolat sorbet!
I've been eating the Ben & Jerry's and Double Rainbow chocolate 
sorbets, but when I saw the Haagen Dazs one I looked at the 
ingredients and found that it contained egg whites, which I'm now 
off of, having returned to veganism three weeks ago.

I liked the Haagen Dazs Raspberry-Lemonade Swirl sorbet though.

I've got to figure out how to make that stuff myself ... while it
would be fairly expensive (I mean, comparable with some of the 
commercial ones) for me to make sorbets with expensive ingredients 
like *raspberries*, there's really no reason that a little cup of 
basically water with some cocoa and sugar in it should be costing 
$2.50-$3.00.  Let's see ... I need an ice-cream maker, I need to get
ahold of some of those gums .... :-)
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