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quick seitan "stew"

 Tonight's dinner--
 Seitan stirfried stew on bulghar--
 A bag or box of bulghar, made according to directions, with veggie
 stock (the powdered kind) instead of plain water.
 8 oz mushrooms, sliced, microwaved about 2 min to release their juices
 chopped:  celery (i used 3 ribs)
                garlic (about 8 cloves)
                a couple of hot peppers (i used serranos)
 sauteed the chopped stuff in the mushroom liquid, with the mushrooms until
 onions translucent
 added a package of prepared seitan, sliced (and drained-reserve liquid)
 added about 1/4 cup red wine and simmered the above until seitan was heated
 mixed seitan liquid with about a tablespoon of white miso and swirled into
 the seitan mixture before serving it over the bulghar.
 condiments--hot sauce (eg, Melinda's), lemon
 serve with steamed greens
 joanna in dc