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Re: convenience/"emergency" food

 << What sort of convenience foods do you all keep on hand?
 -grapefruits, kiwis, carrots
 -frosted mini-wheats (barbara's version is vegan, i think)
 -whole wheat couscous (cooks up very fast)--you can mix a can of tomatoes, a
 can of chick peas , garlic and some left over veg w/ cayenne, cinnamon,
 & harissa and have a quick dinner)
 -falafel mix
 -fantastic foods & mcdougalls's soup cups
 -make doubles of beans dishes and soups and keep in the freezer
 -frozen veg mixes (don't use the sauce packet) & other frozen veg
 -cascadian farms frozen combos
 -low fat granola (in the freezer to keep the buggies away)
 -fatfree microwave popcorn (overpriced, wasteful packaging but convenient)
 -a good selection of herbal teas
 -snackwell cookies
 -whole wheat (bread & circus/whole foods)  english muffins in the freezer
    (wonderful defrosted in the m'wave and then toasted with mild miso and
 AND, for real emergencies--haagen dasz chocolat sorbet!
 p.s.  i love baked tofu.  soy deli brand is lower fat that the other brand
 but the last few packages i got went bad before the use by date and we had
 take them back to the store (they are shrink wrapped and the unopened
 package, after sitting in my fridge for a few days, was suddenly puffed up
 full of air--something was growing in there) anyone else have that problem?
   joanna in dc  (who is facing one of those haagen dasz emergencies right
 now! :-)   )