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Re: eating out

 << Other thoughts about restaurants are appreciated. We can't stay home
 I travel and eat out a lot.  Some of the things i try to eat:
 Breakfast--Oatmeal with fruit (strawberries, bananas, or only raisins if
 that's what they have).  You can always take emergency packets with you and
 get hot water.
 Baked potato with salsa (be careful of what they put on the skin--Slades
 chain in DC area is reputed to use BACON FAT!)
 By the way,  steamed veggies are much tastier with lemon and/or tabasco.
  Every restaurant with a bar has those on hand, so they are easy to get.  Of
 course, i am beginning to think of travelling with my own hot sauce.  We
 started ordering Melinda's special reserve by the case!
 Pasta with tomato sauce or a white wine (whine? :-)  ) based garlic sauce
 Braised "Yellow Bird" Chinese vegetarian specialty (does anyone know about
 fat content?)
 Chinese Steamed vegetable dumplings
 Sandwiches to order with lettuce, tomato, a little bit of avocado, artichoke
 hearts, hot peppers, etc.
 Grilled portabella mushrooms--saladed or burgered
 Indian retaurant buffets with dal and veg curry choices (not ff but not too
 bad if you skip the dairy based curries or cheese ones)
 Veggie sushi at a good sushi place
 Veggie couscous at Moroccan restaurants

 Ethiopian food-i'm a little nervous about the lowfat ness here but it's a
 nice occaisional treat and there are legumey and veggie choices (theymight
 use butter, though).  i don't think injera has fat.
 I worry more about hidden meat in broths--i have to ask explicitly about
 pilaffs, broth bases, even marinara sauce bases, etc.  one restaurant told
 that there was no meat in the soup except "a little pork for flavor."  yuck!
   By the way, La Tomate in Washington DC has a wonderful veg broth based
 vegetable soup and a couple of light veg pasta choices....
 Good luck.  Joanna in DC