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Re: mustard

> What does mustard have?  

mustard woman..mustard!!!!.......:-)

>A year and 1/2 ago, some months after I started
> my diet (McDougall's, now the same with some improvisations) I craved
> mustard, then it went away, and now again, I really could it the spicy
> kind by tablespoons full :)

> What am I missing?  Salt?


Jenka.....I never liked mustard much except in hot dogs in my SAD 
days...and it had to be French mustard. ( slightly sweeter)....
When I removed butter from my diet I found that mild mustards could 
replace the moisture provided by the butter in sandwich...
If you are carerful selecting your mustards you can keep on using it...
I now prefered "wholeseed mustards" especially tomatoe flavoured..

Why deprive yourself of a relatively harmless  product???

Viva la mostaza!!!! ...:-)