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travel and sports events

Kellie wrote complaining of the food available while attending
sporting events. Most of that food (as she reported) is basically
garbage. Also, it is very expensive garbage.

We have a method of taking food with us that I think works
very well. You can purchase small, soft, insulated zipper top
square size little blue "boxes" at K-Mart that has a strap
on it long enough to put on your shoulder. These are very
handy for any travel. Just put another little blue "frozen
ice substitute" square that you can also purchase there, inside
with your food. (These are called Arctic Zone Coolers and "Freeze
Pak" ice substitutes)

These are very small and keep food fresh for days! You can
toss them about without risk of damage and they are almost
completely water tight, in case of spillage. It is very
surprising how much food you can pack in these.

They are indispensable. We have found people (especially
in airplanes) envious at the good food we have compared
to their garbage. They look at us enviously. We have
even had people ask for some of our food! 

Mike Rosenblatt