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New converts

Bud wrote complaining that he has difficulty in pleasing his
wife (in the kitchen) regarding his cooking the FF style. I went
through this too. My first cooking efforts were a disaster, and
some recipes were even intolerable for me, a person without

I am not certain that it is necessary to plunk a lot of money
down on computerized recipe programs or CDs. I have found most
of those have meat recipes anyway included, so most would be
useless. Also, I think he would just be paying for the "hype"
factor--it being arranged as a computer program.

I have found many thousands of recipes on the Internet, not only
from Michelle and her hard work (which we all appreciate), but
on vegetarian web sites. You will have to modify them to FF, but
that is a skill that most of us learn with experience.

I recommend the following:

Bud, try to learn about spices. They have no fat and can tremendously
enhance foods. Sometimes spices are disguised in strange ways. My wife
hates sage, but chili doesn't work without it, and she is not even
aware it is in it when I make it. Same with cloves, which I hate,
but can work in some surprising recipes.

I recommend a cooking class for spices at your local community
college. That would be money well spent.

I also recommend you try things. Ordinary black pepper can help
a lot, if you don't put too much in. 

Get some good low fat cook books written by doctors like Ornish,
Whittaker and to a lesser extent, Mac Dougal, who is VERY strict.
These are usually "heart attack" books, but most are at least
1/3 recipes.

Also, try to convince your wife to understand that you are still
in the "learning" process. It does take time, but like many other
things in marriage, can be fun.

Mike Rosenblatt