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Just Veggies/Home Dehydrating

Someone asked about duplicating the Just Veggies dried vegetables at 
home. I discovered Just Veggies a while back and was very enthused about 
trying to dehydrate them myself. So enthusiastic, in fact, that I got an 
inexpensive dehydrater and planned to dry vegetables big time! Well, my 
experiment was a distinct failure. I used frozen veggies - the same 
varieties as in the Just Veggies mix. It took a whole day to dry them, 
and even then most remained chewy and not crunchy. In addition, they all 
shriveled up and fell through the holes in the trays so I had to scoop 
stuff out of the bottom of the dehydrator. They were okay to use in soups 
and such, but definitely not good as a snack! I'm sure I must have done 
lots of things wrong, but to tell you the truth, I decided the store 
price was worth it compared to the time and energy I had put into a 

Julie in San Jose