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I posted this a time ago, and did not get on the list.  Although people
are not writing about it anymore, I will just repost.  Hopes it help


I make a sort of kwark, or that is what we call it.  I am Dutch.
The recipe is in the archives, search putting the words
cottage cheese jenka
and you will find it.
To get the consistency you want, do not simmer once it is set, as this
makes the curds.  Just put through a cheese cloth.
There also is a recipe for yoghurt on the archives, which I sent, for
this one put in the words:
yoghurt jenka
careful with the spelling
If someone tries it, please let me know.  We make them both constantly
and like them a lot.  Can be done with fatfree milk.

Jenka Keizer-Guevara			The University of Alabama 
jkeizer3@xxxxxxxxxxxx		        Instructional Technology
http://ua1vm.ua.edu/~jkeizer3/		Doctoral Candidate