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Re: new member

My first post - I love the digest - thankyou all for some great ideas.  I
have been reading the digest for about a month and have seen no one talk
about steaming veggies the way I do.  When I buy veggies I bring them home
and steam them over boiling, salted water or broth.  Sometimes I add herbs to
the water too.  I steam them till just tender. Asperagus takes just a short
time if it's young.  Then I have prepared a large bowl if ice water.  Lots of
ice.  The veggies are immediately plunged into the ice water to stop the
cooking process.  Once cold they are stored in the fridge to use all week
long.  I will do several different veggies at the same time using the same
water for each adding more as liquid boils away.  This is great for snacks.
and to add at the last to stir frys or any other dish.  A while back I had to
travel during my lunch break every other day for a month so I would put a
plastic bowl of these veggies on the car seat next to me  and munch them on
my drive.  Be sure to steam them just untill you can insert a fork or knife
in them without too much resistance. Overcooking ruins the texture and
sweetness.  This proceedure is called "refreshing" the veggies.