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Couscous vs. wallpaper paste

Charlotte (97,33) asked about couscous.

Been there, done that.

All couscuos needs is a ratio of about 1 part liquid to .75 of couscous.  

Boil the water, pour the couscous into it, stir, cover, wait five minutes,
fluff, then eat.

If the pasta comes out a bit too al dente, add a bit more boiling water,
cover again and try again.

There are some wonderful recipes in the Fatfree archives at:


For those of you who might not already know this (and I sure didn't know it
the first time I cooked the stuff) couscous is pre-cooked.  All it needs is
warming up and rehydration.

A little goes a loooooong way, but I love it, especially when mixed with
Frantastic Food's re-fried beans.

Some of the dried bean mixture, some couscous, maybe some fresh onion and a
little bit of chopped tomato...heaven.