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Re:millet and ff cheese

>My SO bought some millet a while back.  Does anyone have any good ideas
>or recipes for using it?
I don't like millet much, but was served MIllet Croquettes recently and
they were delicious.  I don't have a recipe, could probably find one but I
don't think one is necessary.  This was how it was explasined ot me:

Cook millet the traditional way (rather like rice or any grain, check a
cook book for details).

Mix in several different minced or  grated vegetables.  Form into balls or
patties or any whape you like, bake on a non-stick pan until lightly brown
and slightly crisp on the outside.

For the folks looking for a good tasting fatfree cheese.  The alternative
that I liked best for me is to learn to enjoy foods without the cheese at
all.  Don't panic, I grew up on this stuff just like most of you, but I
find burritos quite aggreable without it, sometimes I use a bit of soy
yogurt for creaminess.

For "cheesy" layer in lasagne or enchilada casseroles, I make a mixture of
tofu and nutritional yeast, blend 1 pound tofu with 1/4 - 1/3 cup yeast and
enough water to make a ricotta-like consistency.  Quite nice!

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I don't know the key to success,
But the key to failure is
Trying to please everybody.  --Bill Cosby