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health valley / oatrim

Hi everyone,

A few people have been asking for/discussing nonfat,
quick, on-the-run snacks.  I'd like to recommend the
granola bars and snack bars made by Health Valley.
I found them years ago and rely on them for quick 
snacks or breakfasts on the run.  They are made 
with organic brown rice and sweetened with fruits.
Most granola bars seem to be more like candy bars!
(mostly sugar, lots of fat, very little fiber or protein)
These Health Valley ones are on average 140 cal,
0g fat (OK,maybe up to .49g!-but there are no oils listed
the ingred), 2-3 g protein, and not a lot of simple sugars.
They come in fruit flavors and also a choc chip (a defatted
cocoa creation).  They also make a line of brownie-type 
bars that are surprisingly low sugar, with protein and 
fiber, too.

I'm not a big fan of their 'fatfree' cookie line and I have
not tried some of the granola and cereals they make. 
But check out the granola bars!

oops now after all that I don't have a wrapper
here with the 800#!  I do remember that they are based in
Irwindale Ca.  I've searched on the web and they do not
seem to have a site.  I find the granola bars at the
local stores (Jewel, Dominicks) here in the midwest, so 
I think they must have a widespread distrabution.

(ps I have nothing to do with the company, I'm just 
recommending on of my favorite snacks!)

Also, to the person looking for recipes using Oatrim:
King Arthur Flour sells the stuff and I've seen recipes using
it in their catalog and also in their 'baking sheet' (a monthly
newsletter type thing they sell which I get).  They've had
one or two issues devoted to lowfat baking and use a lot
of Oatrim (since they sell it!).  I'll bet you could call and 
order back issues and maybe ask for just the specific issues dealt
with lowfat baking.  I don't have the number of KAF here, either,
but they DO have a web site that I bet you could find easily
with a good search engine.

Pam D