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Re: soy products

>I'm trying to add more soy protein to my diet to alleviate menopause
>symptoms.  Can anybody give me recommendations about the most palatable
>soy milk?  Also any other recommendations...?
>Laura S.
Laura, you can use the soybeans themselves.  Soak and cook like any dried
bean-- may take longer than most.  These have very little flavor, I don't
like them plain, but you can add them to a mixed bean soup or chili, toss a
few into a pasta sauce, etc.

Also, you can make as great smoothie with low fat silken or soft tofu, just
add a banana, and whatever is in season:  pears, peaches, berries, etc, and
a few ice cubes, water or soy milk as needed for consistency, and blend til
smooth.  Or, leave out the ice and use frozen fruit.  Makes a great
breakfast or snack.  Use about 1/3 cup tofu per serving.

As for which soy milk tastes best, youcan ask 10 people and get ten
answers, you will need to determine this for yourself.  You may try the
vanilla soy milk, slighty sweet and vanilla ish.  Good on cereal or to make
rice pudding with, etc.

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I don't know the key to success,
But the key to failure is
Trying to please everybody.  --Bill Cosby