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Just Veggies/home-dehydrated veggies

<<I recently came across a delicious snack food called Just Veggies. ....
Does anyone know if I could get the same taste from
buying my own food dehydrator and frozen veggies?  If so, does anyone
have any suggestions of what brand food dehydrator I should get?>>

Dan, I'm not sure about that exact brand, but the ones I've tasted seem to
have some other processing done to them.  I have a dehydrator and, though I
like and use dehydrated vegetables when I need to, they're not like the
commercial ones I've tried for snacking on.  You can test your idea out by
slicing carrots very thinly, for example  (or whatever you want .. oh, even
the frozen veggies you mentioned - defrost and dry off first), laying them
in a single layer on a baking sheet and leaving them in a low oven (say,
150-200F) for several hours (probably 6-10, something like that, if they're
dry to start with) or overnight.  That's a similar effect and you can see
if you like them (can dry in a  microwave, too .. just experiment a bit).
You may find you like them that way and not even need a dehydrator if
that's all you want to make.  Sure beats $16. a POUND!!

I chose a VitaMix dehydrator about 3 years ago because I'd loved my VitaMix
for 14 years by then.  Theirs comes with 20 trays (they fill up QUICKLY
once you start slicing) and I've really been happy with it.  The
temperature isn't adjustable but that's not been a problem for me.  It's
higher price (I think about $120-130ish .. don't really remember) but I
really trust that company and wouldn't have bought more trays with another
brand, anyway.  They can be reached at 1-800-VitaMix .. friendliest
customer service I've *ever* encountered.  I'd buy the same one again at
this point.

Good luck,