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Re: Soy Products

Laura Shears asked about soy milk and other soy foods.

I've been using a cereal called Nutlettes which looks like grape nuts, has
a bland taste, and is made from defatted soy.  It still has some fat in it
(from the soy, not added), but is just about 10% cff.  I make a thick shake
from skim milk and malt flavored ovaltine and mix in a half cup of this
cereal.  This breakfast really "sticks to my ribs".  I eat breakfast around
7:30 a.m. on weekdays, and I'm fine until at least 11:30 a.m. or 12:00
noon.  The critical ingredient in soy for relieving menopause symptoms is
supposed to be isoflavenes, although research is far from complete.  My
understanding is that the soy has to be processed with water rather than
alcohol to retain the isoflavenes.  Nutlettes, among other products, are
made that way,  The manufacturer is the Dixie Diners Club (in which I have
no financial interest).  I believe they have a web page.

Janice (who can eat the same breakfast every day for months on end)