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Filing recipes from digest with Eudora

I use Eudora for my mail which has, under "File" on top, a new text
document option.  I cut and paste what I want to keep from the list into a
new document (easy, all within the same program).  To file, with Eudora
open on the left of my screen and the recipes file on the right (whatever
file you want to use - I use the one where whatever I save from the Web
goes, with separate files I've created - appetizers-vegetable) and just
drag them from Eudora to the appropriate recipe file and voila .. a
cookbook!  If I find out that a $40. program does all this automatically,
though, I'm going to scream .. LOL!  (Seriously, it's very easy with cut
and paste and, if I doing the filing frequently, it's not that