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Fantastic Foods Creole Couscous

Hi Folks

There have certainly been a lot of delicious recipies lately.  I'm wondering 
if onyone can help me with one more.

Here in New Zealand fatfree convenience foods are not commonly available. 
 However, occassionally my local organic foods store has some imports from 
the USA.

Recently I was able to purchase some of the Fastastic Foods dried foods 
range - where you just add boiling water to various dried noodle, rice or 
coucous mixtures to make soup type meals.  (In case you're interested these 
equate to a cost of $US7.00 each!!!)

My favourite of the 4 choices that were available here was Creole Couscous. 
 It was absolutely delicious - a mixture of couscous, red beans, dried 
vegetables and spices.   However it is no longer available until the next 
shipment which could be another 6 months away.

Does anyone have a recipe that might give me a similar result to the 
purchased product??