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Re: Commercial yeasts

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Beverly Kurtin wrote:

> Susan (97,27) mentioned Red Star yeast meant for commercial use.
> The large commercial product she mentioned is only $4 for a whole blasted
> bag......  
> Once opened, however, I just put it into an airtight container (Rubbermaid,
> whatever) and use a tablespoon plus a teaspoon plus a half-teaspoon to
> equal a package of Fleishmans.  The container, of course, is kept
> refrigerated.

You use 1 1/2 Tablespoons??  I've always heard that a packet of yeast was 
equal to one scant Tablespoon.  If you use all whole wheat flour, though, 
I guess you might want to increase the yeast.

I buy my yeast in bulk, too, though not _that_ much bulk.  Opening my 
little glass jar of yeast is one of my favorite things about baking bread.

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Go Heels!