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Cancer and diet

I have not looked up this site, but thought it might be of interest....

In an exclusive interview on the McSpotlight website,
Colin Campbell talks about the links between diet and cancer.

Check it out on

Colin Campbell :
Co-chair of the World Cancer Research Fund
Project Director China-Oxford-Cornell Diet & Health Project
Division of Nutritional Sciences Cornell University Ithaca, NY

He has conducted original research both in laboratory experiments
and in large-scale human studies; in addition, he has participated
in multiple deliberations on state, national and international policy
matters, has lectured extensively, and has authored over 300 research

Further background from -

Extracts from the interview:

".. nutrition has a lot to do with whether or not we get cancer.
It is an area that has been unfortunately underplayed and in some
cases actually ignored by some of the central authorities who are
involved in doing cancer research."

".. traditional cancer research organisations and health organisations
will admit that at least a third of all cancers can be prevented by
dietary means, but then in the next breath, they'll tell you that they
really don't know how. Then you ask them how much money are you
spending on this, and what you discover is that they're only spending
about 1-2% of their budget at the most."

This is just one in a collection of exclusive interviews available
on McSpotlight - http://www.mcspotlight.org/