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Re: Bitterness in curry

> Hi all -
> When making curried vegetables: I find that if I don't saute the spices, the
> dish is bitter to my taste. Evidently not everyone experiences this - my
> husband can taste the identical dish & thinks it's great. Maybe it's genetic.
> Anyway so I tried sauteeing the spices in water and they were still bitter -
> didn't seem to work. I'm so disapopinted. Maybe I'm going to have to use a
> very tiny amount of o*l? A tiny amount so it's still under 10% fat? Any other
> suggestions?


In discussion with curry lovers (even some from India and Malasya) 
there seems to be a common agreement that curry spices must be 
"cooked" or "fried" or "sautee"......
It seems that curry powder is "raw"..so my suggestion is that you try 
some soya sauce before you try oil.....if that is too strong still,  dilute 
with water....