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Re: sushi questions

Aiko Pinkoski <aiko@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The pickled daikon radish is what most sushi places serve 
> in the "pickle" or "oshinko" maki.

At a sushi place near me, they call this 'takuwan'.

> The gourd strips should be a little sweet (they are cooked with 
> sugar and soy sauce).

Kanpyo, yes?

We have a great sushi place, they have lots of veggie sushi options
and I never get kappa (cucumber) maki (boring).  And, a 6-piece order
of veggie maki is just $1.20   (used to be a dollar!).

As I recall, they offer:

Takuwan (pickled daikon)
kanpyo (dried gourd)
kappa (cucumber)
age (tofu)
yomagobo (wild carrot)
tomago (egg)
ninjin (carrot)
horenso (spinach)
shiitake (sweetened shiitakemushrooms)
radish sprouts
umeboshi (plum paste)
kurumi (walnut)
wakame (seaweed)
yamaimo (a sticky root vegetable -- I don't like)
enoki (japanese thin mushroom)

And combinations of the above.  They'll also use shiso, green onions,
or tomatoes on request.  it's about the only time I eat avocados,
because you get such a small portion so you don't have to worry about
overdoing it (especially if you get one order and share it).

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA